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We push our professionals to be the best "employees" they can be. Are you tired of hitting that DEI brick wall yet? On the other side of the wall a more diverse mindset which leads to an increase in productivity and job satisfaction.


Dr. Dauv's relatable journey, touch of wisdom, and a dash of humor has captivated audiences and reinvigorated organizations. Reach out to us about speaking at your next event!


Our process begins with a consultation to identify the organization's needs and challenges. 


We use our Holistic Awareness Framework to address areas of concern and track change in behavior and performance.


Our workshops are ideal for leaders, entrepreneurs, sales and customer service professionals, and students. Attendees are challenged to question their world-view to become more productive, innovative, forward-thinking, and collaborative.


  • Respectful Workplace 

  • DEI for Leadership 

  • Unconscious & Implicit Bias 

  • Anti-Harassment 

  • Racial Equity

  • Cultural Awareness & Belonging 

Additional topics are available upon request. 

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