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Dr. Dauv

Success is just a breath away

- Dr. Dauv Evans

Executive Coach & DEIB Consultant


For over 15 years Dauv Evans has devoted his time and talents to teaching, training, and coaching professional excellence.


His content derives from his years of sales and leadership training, coaching, and curriculum design experience.


Dauv Evans is the CEO of The Gallus Collective, a Durham-based consulting firm that provides executive coaching and DEIB consultation. He is also a Gallup certified Strengths Coach and advocate of exploring people’s strengths and differences to create more productive and well-rounded individuals and teams. He has facilitated the restructuring of teams for more cohesion and prepared professionals for leadership opportunities for over 15 years. 


Dauv holds a PhD in Higher Education Leadership, as well as an MBA. He is the author of the book “Don’t Forget to Breathe” which encourages individuals to rethink the idea of success and how to achieve it.

Schedule a free 1 hour consultation and lets collaborate soon. 

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