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Dr. Dauv

Success is just a breath away

- Dr. Dauv Evans

Speaker Trainer Author

For over 10 years Dr. Dauv Evans has devoted his time and talents to teaching, training, and coaching professional excellence.

Dr. Dauv is a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion leader, and expert speaker at The Gallus Collective. He is an advocate for holistic awareness and equality. 

Dr. Dauv founded The Gallus Collective in 2019 and has since helped companies refine their organizational culture, improve productivity, and change increased their awareness.


He holds a PhD in Higher Education Leadership, an MBA, and a Certificate in Inclusive Leadership. He is based in Durham, NC and is the author of the book “Don’t Forget to Breathe.” His guide to redefining success has been well-received by professionals in various industries.

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