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A Boss For Change

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Meet Dr. Dauv


Dr. Dauv Evans is an expert speaker, trainer, and coach. He is an advocate of promoting employees’ mindset to that of a BOSS to produce a more productive and well-rounded team.

Dr. Dauv is the CEO and Boss for The Gallus Collective. He holds a PhD in higher education leadership, as well as an MBA. He is the author of the book “Don’t Forget to Breathe.”

Do you want your team to be more productive, autonomous, and take more accountability?

Are you equipping your future leaders with the skills necessary to navigate ambiguity and uncertainty?

These are all attributes required of a successful entrepreneur. Here at The Gallus Collective we teach employees how to approach their jobs like their own business to make them more effective employees.

Together, let's increase productivity, accountability, and job satisfaction.


Don't take a loss, hire a boss!



"Everybody is a Boss” captivated me and really excited me about the possibilities of changing our mindset and our approach to employee engagement and productivity in the workplace.

- Melany, HR Business Parner


I highly recommend Dr. Evans if you want to motivate and challenge a group of people to think differently and take your organization beyond ordinary.

- Gregory, Revenue Manger

Dauv didn't just connect with people -- he gave them an experience. His talk was one of the best of the night. On top of that, he was professional throughout the process and was a pleasure to work with. Talk to him if you're looking for a speaker and thought leader to engage your audience.

- Vadim, Content Strategist


Dr. Evans did an outstanding job! I certainly left inspired. Thank you for the invitation and for bringing such excellent content to us all.

- John, Marketing Associate


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Purchase the book industry leaders are talking about.

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